Tuesday, 27 October 2009

To fleece or not to fleece?

OK, so maybe I'll leave the fleece at home . . .

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Merkavah 09

Jan and I are off to Israel on Thursday on a 12-day traditional dance trip - it's the sort of thing you can do once you've retired - well, at least, one of us has :-)

We are taking part in Merkavah, a 'Journey of Light' (30 Oct-11 Nov) across Israel and the West Bank, focusing on traditional and communal dances. We shall be visiting various communities, and in particular seeing and learning some of their dances, as well as taking in many of the sights that no visitor to the area would want to miss.

Merkavah is organised and led by dance teachers Frida Zalcman and Pablo Scornik, and you can see an outline of the trip on Pablo's Tinkudanzas website.

As we go along we hope to find the time to keep a brief diary of the visit in this blog, with a view to expanding the entries and going into more detail when we get back. We'll upload photos and short movies to sites like Flickr and YouTube, and link to them from here.

After the dance trip, we shall be staying on for a few days to see some of my family in Israel, and to visit a permaculture project in the Palestinian West Bank.

We have also set up a wiki site, which we are intending to use as a workspace for the trip. So far it contains a detailed programme of the trip with online links to many of the communities and places we shall be visiting. At the moment access to this site is by invitation only - friends and relatives who would like to see what we are up to should email me and ask for an invitation.

Now, what's the weather like in Jerusalem in November? Should I take a fleece?? Can I learn the Hebrew alphabet in 3 days???