Friday, 11 December 2009

La nueva tierra

At the farewell meeting on the final morning, Elvira's contribution was a poem:

La nueva tierra

Está la nueva tierra al horizonte
Ligera, sútil, transparente,
Donde el abrazo, las sonrisas, el compartir
Son las nuevas leyes de la gente.

Sobre el barco del ego naufragado
Las almas liberadas toman vuelo
Y como mariposas coloradas
Están decorando el nuevo suelo.

Esta tierra eres tú, soy yo, somos el todo.
Hoy en Merkava comprobamos
Que la danza es el nuevo oro.

Shalom a todos


The new land

The new land is on the horizon
Light, subtle, transparent,
Where embraces, smiles, and sharing
Are the new laws of the people.

Above the boat of the shipwrecked ego
The liberated souls take flight
And like colourful butterflies
They are decorating the new ground.

You are this land, I am, we are all.
Today in Merkava we are showing
That dance is the new gold.

Shalom to everyone


Thursday, 3 December 2009


Please be aware that this is a work in progress - it's our attempt to get our Merkavah 09 trip into some sort of order. There will eventually be over 80 posts, many of which we haven’t had time to start writing yet. There's already over 1000 photos, and we haven't even started on the video clips yet. Plus some of Jan's sketches and poems. So please come back again to see where we’ve got to - you never know, we might just have got round to doing the bit you were hoping to see :-) .

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Merkavah 09 - To fleece or not to fleece?

Merkavah 09: Timeline 
Fri 30 Oct: Jerusalem
Look who I met in Jerusalem - Jerusalem in the rain - Women in Black -

Sat 31 Oct: Jerusalem
Mount of Olives - Via Dolorosa - Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Old City Souk - Western Wall -

Sun 1 Nov: Jerusalem
Yad Vashem - Mea Shearim - More Western Wall - Western Wall Tunnels

Mon 2 Nov: Jerusalem
Jaffa Gate - Temple Mount - Cotton Merchants - Muslim Quarter - Jewish Quarter - Armenian Quarter -

Tue 3 Nov: The Dead Sea
400 metres to go - Qumran - Masada - Dead Sea -

Wed 4 Nov: Dead Sea to Acre
Leaving the Dead Sea - Caesarea - Ein Hod -

Thu 5 Nov: Acre to Rosh Hanikra
Acre - Rosh Hanikra - Yemenite Group -

Fri 6 Nov: Safed
Safed - Ha'ari Synagogue - Kabbalah Art - Reggae Kabala -

Sat 7 Nov: Galilee
Galilee shore - Shells of Galilee - Capernaum - Yardenit - The Mount of Beatitudes -

Sun 8 Nov: Northern Galilee
The Druze - Pki'in -

Mon 9 Nov: 
(Lots: Kibbutz Dalia, Israeli Dance, Indian Dance) 

Tue 10 Nov: Negev desert
Into the Negev - Bedouin hospitality - Moroccan Cultural Centre - Yad Harif displays -

Wed 11 Nov: Farewell

Merkavah 09: Music and Dancing
Idan Reichel - Mayumana - Pablo and Frida workshops - Scarf, hand and ball dancing - Morning dance - Ethiopian dance - The Whirling Girl - Darbuka workshop - Israeli Dance workshop - Indian sacred dance - Moroccan Jews in Netivot - All the colours of Israel -

Merkavah 09: Kibbutzim
Kibbutz kids - Kibbutz Dalia -

Merkavah 09: Fences and checkpoints
Fenced in - Papers please - Frontier -

Merkavah 09: The group
The group - Indian dinner - Party time - Headscarf workshop - Sergio's wish -

Merkavah 09: also spotted
Moon over Galilee - Jerusalem streets - Solar water - On the road - Hamsa

Merkavah 09: Poems and Pictures
Poems and pictures - Jan's drawings

Bethlehem by bus - Bustan Qaraaqa - Permaculture building - Checkpoint Bethlehem - After midday prayers - Can you see my iPod?