Thursday, 5 November 2009

400 metres to go

On the way to the Dead Sea. 400 metres to go.

Jan adds:

Ship of the Desert

At the same place as the Dead Sea level marker, we came across this amazing structure which, from a distance, looked like a galleon in full sail. While other people were entranced by a camel, Michael and I (and a couple of others!) went off to see what it was.

The sculptor was working with shapes she had found in the desert here, fossils, and although once we had named the sculpture “Ship of the Desert” she understood why, she had not ‘seen’ this before, being so close to it. She was using Arab workers to help her; they had no common language apart from the visual and technical. Her other work is quite different: some is representative, other is literal. She gave us her brochure, and her website has many examples of work she’s done for the Israeli government as well as local councils.

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