Thursday, 26 November 2009

More Western Wall

Sun 1 Nov
The Western Wall by night
The Western Wall has a special atmosphere at night - there are fewer tourists but the Orthodox groups keep coming, until at least 10pm. The square is quieter than during the day, but the murmur of prayer is still all-pervasive. The Wall is floodlit, and this light reflects across the square and casts strong shadows on the ground.

Mon 2 Nov
It's a Barmitzvah!
This is not normal behaviour - a line of women standing on chairs to get a view over to the men's area? The whole purpose of the separation of men and women for prayer is to avoid the possibility of distraction from the business in hand, and the temptation to think un-holy thoughts. Some kindly women made space so I could peep over, and all became clear - it's a Barmitzvah!

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