Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bedouin hospitality

Coffee, tea and cakes in the Negev desert.

Jan adds:

Bedouin textiles

I am a textiles anorak, and the Bedouin tents gave me such delight. They were were magnificently arranged – dark interiors and the tent sides mainly made of woven goats hair panels sewn together, so portable and suitable for the nomadic life. Amazingly some of the sides were hessian from coffee sacks – produce of Rwanda, and other places. Re-using and recycling basic materials, as you find them!

Inside there were wonders – colours and textures and the actual threads –marvellous tassels along the edges of the tent interiors, tipped with silver, and probably useful for distracting flies! The flooring was plastic woven and in many patterns, again panels put together; the red, yellow and green fabric was again woven wool, covers for the divans that we sat on.

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